Startups to Startups

3 startups will have the opportunity to present their business
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Founders Breakfast

Le February 14, 2018
De 8:30 AM à 10:00 AM

Consulat de France
New York

Our guest speakers
CEO @ The Moneytizer
Co-Founder @ Bubble
CEO @ MoneyGoat
We will talk about


This monthly event allows entrepreneurs and investors to get together and exchange ideas around 3 pitching sessions with startups founders. Each startup CEO will present his concept, product and business model for about ten minutes. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session which will give every participant, the opportunity to share their experience.​

This event is an exclusive meeting to facilitate small committee exchanges around three of the startups’ activities.

About the startups: 

The Moneytizer enables publishers to optimize their ad revenues through an all-in-one solution, simplifying the puzzle of all the digital advertising tools they often get lost with. This platform gathers all the latest technologies in terms of digital advertisement, for publishers to obtain the highest possible revenues. This ad-network provides medium and small sized websites publishers with the latest tools and formats, which are often inaccessible to them (ad-tech programmatic market). https://us.themoneytizer.com/


Bubble is a visual programming tool that makes programming as easy as pointing and clicking. Instead of teaching code, we should reinvent how we program computers. Bubble lets you build visually web applications, such as social networks, marketplaces, etc. Our users have used Bubble to get into Y Combinator, 500 Startups, etc. Bubble counts more than 125,000 users, has reached more than $1m in revenue in 2017 and has been bootstrapped since inception.  https://bubble.is/

MoneyGoat is a social investment platform allowing users to engage with and expand their networks, giving them access to new deals, catered information, and portfolio diversification. Facebook hosts your public identity, LinkedIn your professional identity and MoneyGoat hosts your investment identity. Users get access to Yelp-like search capabilities to discover opportunities. They share their experience with their community, rate and review investment platforms/deals. https://www.goat.money/

About Startups to Startups: 

  • This event is free of charge
  • ​The event seating capacity is set at fifteen
  • You must be registered to participate and bring your ID to enter into the building
  • Additional invitations may be added upon request - if available
  • If you have to cancel, please notify at least 48 hours prior to the event starts


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Who is attending?

  • Startups
  • Investisseurs
  • Ecosystem
Among the attendees
17 participants à cet événement
D. Descamps
Creadev USA
A. Legendre
Consulat général de France à New York
H. De braucourt
Global Founders Capital
G. Mounier
A. Ory
The Moneytizer
Invités pour l'occasion
  • Sep Alavi, Venture Partner, White Star Capital
  • Elie Denfert-Rochereau, Principal, White Star Capital
  • Mark Francis, Chairman, The Hickory Group
  • Isabella Botkay Skowronski, Investor, The Hickory Group
  • Anna Boffetta, Investor, Balderton Capital
  • Jon Bushnell, Director, Carl Marks Advisors
  • Destinee Mentor, Analyst, Morgan Stanley
  • Albert Aeed, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Consulat de France

934 5th Avenue
New York, 10021, United States

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