Campari: US Managing Director Insights

The power of creating new trends with existing brands
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Business & Drinks

Le 13 mars 2018
De 6:30 PM à 8:30 PM

San Francisco
San Francisco

Our guest speaker
Ugo  Fiorenzo
Ugo Fiorenzo
Managing Director @ Campari America
Ugo Fiorenzo will share his insights. Join us for a fantastic evening @Campari America's office and discover their amazing bubble.
We will talk about

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Nowadays, brands are dealing with a consumerist society and facing strong competition. They are constantly looking for the best innovations to add value to their goods. Creating new trends is any brands’ ultimate goal.

In the beverage industry, lots of changes have been noticed these last years, such as:

  • The new health-consciouness driving consumers to drink less alcohol
  • The wild range of factors influencing the Millennial’s drinking choices which happen to be huge challenge for marketers. 

Requirements have changed, new drinks, new ideas, food and technology all appeal to consumers who are more likely to see themselves as trendsetters. Brands need to create appeal. They need to create trends! Aperol was able to identify these changes at an early stage!

Ugo Fiorenzo, Managing Director @Campari America, will explain how Campari managed seizing the new business opportunities. He will share with us his vision on how innovation was possible with a 100 years old product transformed into a global alcohol bestseller!

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