Brands Identities and Values in an Omnichannel Era

How retailers leverage every touch-points to shape the consumer experience
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Le 3 décembre 2019
De 6:30 PM à 8:30 PM

Upfront Ventures

Our guest speakers
Partner @ Interlace Ventures
Sean Scott
Sean Scott
CEO & Founder @ COMUNITYmade
Sean's extensive footwear industry career at industry giants Nike, ASICS, Vans, and most recently TOMS has enabled him to identify future opportunities to improve on many areas of the business. As the CEO, Sean's goal is to further the vision of COMUNITYmade, and to inspire those around him to be fulfilled and passionate in their work.
We will talk about

At a time when retail is thought to be a consumer-to-business model (vs B2C), understanding customers' expectations and emotions is key. 
Moreover, with technology, customer engagement and stimulation have reached an all-time high. 
With the democratization of such tools and techniques, brand identity is even more than before at the very basis of a brand's success, its differentiation.

Brands now need to reinforce and recall their identity, to share their values, their story, their faces with their consumers. The management of every touchpoint, whether offline and online is key. 

We'll talk about the modern customer experience and brand values.

To guide us through these challenges, two brand representatives, a digitally-native brand and an established luxury brand will share their vision and experiences. Both have very different approaches yet complementary assets. It will be moderated by an investor evolving in the retail industry.

How can a digitally native brand reinvent itself further than through e-commerce? 
How can it benefit from its e-commerce experience to operate stores? 
How can a traditional brand offer to its consumers the same brand experience online and offline?


6.30pm: Welcoming 
7.00pm: Panel discussion & Q&A
8.00pm: Networking
8.30pm: End of the event

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