Analyst Relations: From Zero to Hero!

What is the best way to make it pay off and how?

Business Lunch


Le 11 avril 2019
De 12:15 PM à 2:00 PM

We will talk about

The Saas Club brings together French Entrepreneurs who are currently developing successful Saas companies in the US,  who also wish to share their best practices and want to learn from experts.They gather every other months to discuss a specific and critical topic that will help them cracking the US market. 

Learn from the experience of experts in this session to optimize your relationship with analysts:

  • Cool vendors, Market guides, Landscapes, Quadrants, Waves, Strategy days…Omg, my head is spinning!
  • How to deal with Gartner, Forrester, Sirius…when you land in the USA and are not yet visible.
  • How important it is to belong or create a category?
  • What tools are available, what tactics, what budgets?
  • What is the best way to make it pay off and how?

12:20 pm:  Welcome
12:40 pm: Intervention and Q&A
13:30 pm: Members Discussions
02:00 pm: End

This is a free event for members and non members. It is an english-speaking event. 
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  • Saas Entrepreneurs
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