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Jellysmack is a creative video company building the world’s most engaged communities. Jellysmack has built a foundation that boasts 3.3 billion monthly video views and a cross-platform reach of 170 million engaged users. Our communities are designed for those who are passionate about beauty (Beauty Studio), soccer (Oh My Goal), gaming (Gamology), animals (Naturee) inventions (Genius Club) and original puzzles (Riddle Me This). We connect people to their passions by creating participatory content that gives the fans a voice. And we create that content by using machine-learning powered technology that identifies social video trends, optimizes video performance and helps uncover niche audience segments. With Jellysmack, the voice is yours.

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234 5th Avenue
10001, New York (New York)

Produits et services

At Jellysmack, we are all about sharing our wealth of knowledge when it comes to conquering the social media space. With our proprietary tools, proven process, and boundless creativity, we can help brands build influence across social platforms. Together, we are able to achieve your brand goals.


Jellysmack loves creating sponsored and integrated content that aligns with a partner’s target audience and campaign messaging. We focus on implementing turnkey activation and driving massive awareness with every partnership. We have a lot of expertise when it comes to developing sponsored original series and integrated curated content without losing our passionate and engaged communities. Jellysmack is always looking for ways to work together with like-minded partners.


Jellysmack also produces custom content that builds original videos from the ground up. We always strive to establish a collaborative environment where both sides can share ideas and feedback freely. Simultaneously, we’re also aiming to satisfy their KPIs with the final product. Jellysmack welcomes any opportunity to bring more custom video into the world.


We use the Agile Method, a process that is based on technology and backed up by data. Our goal is to post the right content, with the right format, to the right audience, at the right time. Our proprietary tools are:

  • JELLYPULSE: Allows us to discover current and upcoming trends from across the internet, which informs new video, show, and channel ideas.
  • JELLYWATCH: Provides a forecast of the video’s performance comparing it to the results of previous videos on the same topic, as well as suggests how to improve the estimated performance of each video.
  • JELLYCORE: Runs sponsored A/B tests on targeted audiences to find the best combination of the thumbnail, graphic treatment, concept, tagline, hashtags, and video length. After reviewing the A/B test, we publish the best performing results to our primary pages feed and use our scoring algorithm to analyze the video’s performance.
  • JELLYBOOST: Discovers and targets niche audiences that are incredibly relevant to our content.





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