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Arianee is one of the first applications of the blockchain technology available for brands and final consumers.

This open-source solution has been designed to give to every single valuable object, whether they are connected are not, a perpetual, secure and unforgeable digital identity.

This digital identity is a digital passport with groundbreaking features: It can be transferred between product owners, along its lifecycle; It creates a direct anonymous link between the brand and the owners fully respectful of their privacy; It is open and will enable its owner to insure it, declare it lost or stolen, share or signal its ownership and even virtualize it.

Arianee is using Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) for 2 main reasons: first, it allows the creation of unique digital objects, that are unforgeable and transferable which applies very well to certificates of ownership.

Second, the use of cryptography and the distributed characteristics of the blockchains allow for industry protocols to emerge and be shared by players who are generally competing, which applies very well to the creation of an industry standard.

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Produits et services

At Arianee we are revolutionizing the ownership of valuable objects.

We are developing a global standard that gives a unique digital representation to each physical object, this smart-asset is a digital passport with groundbreaking features.

- Perpetual, secure and authentic thanks to the blockchain technology, it lives in a secure wallet on our phones.
- Versatile, open and rich it allows us to learn its origin, transfer its ownership, and much more.
- Anonymously connected it links us with the brands we love while guaranteeing our total privacy


  • Authenticity

Counterfeiting is a trillion dollar issue. At Arianee, we help solve it at scale by giving each product an immutable digital identity on the blockchain

  • Privacy

Great relationships are made of respect, trust and transparency. With Arianee, we can love and interact with a brand while remaining anonymous if we want to.

  • Transmission

Our valuable items are timeless, whether we want our loved ones to inherit them or we want to sell them one day, Arianee offers a trusted & seamless way to do so.


  • Perpetual Link

Arianee’s long term, omnichannel, traceability establishes a permanent and anonymous link between brands ans owners, disrupting intermediaries.

  • Customer Experience

The digital passport is a hub offering endless possibilities to connect existing programs and plus innovative features (insurance, lost and found …)


We invite brands and designers to join the Arianee project to take advantage of the endless possibilities opened by the protocol. Becoming a member will give you access to all the tools, resources and support you need to get ready to implement the Arianee protocol at scale


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